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How will you impact your world?

Life School focuses on equipping you to operate in your sphere of influence. We are a training center for the Seven Mountains, which are the spheres of influence that shape and mold the mindsets of society.

We are all affected by these mountains in our daily lives. Our minds are being shaped by these cultural arenas. We believe powerful people should bring the kingdom of God to every one of these spheres. This will transform our world.

The seven mountains are:


· Family · Religion · Arts & Entertainment · Government · Education · Media · Business ·


Life School is an interactive community setting where students learn through various formats. Information without application will not bring radical change. Therefore, we need real life experiences that will inspire us to grow beyond the classroom. 

Discover and experience:


· God’s presence · Interactive teaching · Supernatural training · Activation · 

· Powerful guest speakers · Personal coaching · Community outreach ·  Practical Application ·


Those who know who they are, rise with passion in their hearts, as they bring transformation to their sphere of influence. Come climb your mountain!

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Know your God

Encounter His presence

Develop a strong biblical foundation

Learn how He speaks


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Know Yourself

Discover who you are in Him

Live a supernatural life

Pursue wholeness spirit, soul, & body


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Know your Tribe

Embrace relational excellence

Be authentic in your community

Learn to honor everyone


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Know your Culture

Discover your sphere of influence

Engage & lead in your sphere

Become empowered to impact your world


Class Schedule

September - May


Monday 9am - 2pm

Tuesday 5pm - 10pm

Wednesday 9am - 2pm

Thursday 9am - 2pm


Life School will be linked with our 

Supernatural School

Click here for more info on LSSM


Is Life School right for me?



Whether you are 17 or 70+, single or married.


Preparing for college or a stay at home parent.


Life school has something for everyone.


If you can't do 20+ hours per week

Check out LSSM for a one night a week class